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Advanced Features and Benefits

  • >6 THz* Bandwidth
  • > 100 dB (Up to 110 dB*) Dynamic Range
  • Up to 300 μW* Average THz Power
  • Scan Range up to 1700 ps, Flexible Setting of Range and Speed
  • High Spectral Resolution < 0.6 GHz
  • Additional 780 nm Laser Ouput
  • Modular, Breadboard-based THz-TDS Platform
Spectral range >6 THz*
Dynamic range >100 dB (Up to 110 dB*)
Average Power  Up to 300 μW*
Total scan range Up to 1700 ps, flexible scan range and speed, customizable THz path length >3 m
THz frequency resolution Up to 0.6 GHz
Antenna model TERA15-FC*

 *Specifications for systems with high-power emitter. High-power bandwidth only guaranteed when using newer generation detector.


Laser specifications    
Wavelength 1560 nm 780 nm
Total average output power** >500 mW >250 mW **
Pulse Duration <90 fs <100 fs
Output ports for THz generation

Free space port,

fiber-coupled port on request

Free space port

**Menlo Systems’ C-Fiber 780: freely tunable power ratio between 780 nm and 1560 nm port.


Dimensions / weight  
Optical unit 900 x 600 x 200 mm3, 34 kg
THz control electronics 448 x 132 x 550 mm3, 8 kg
Laser control unit 448 x 132 x 437 mm3, 12 kg


Introducing our new generation TERA K15 Systems with unparalleled performance

The TERA K15 fiber-coupled terahertz spectrometer offers a comprehensive solution for high-speed broadband time-domain THz spectroscopy, delivering exceptional flexibility for scientific applications. By incorporating our groundbreaking TERA15 antenna modules, the new generation TERA K15 system exhibits unprecedented enhancement in performance. The TERA K15 integrates every feature of the TeraSmart and adds further versatility options, earning it the “multi-talent” reputation amongst our product line.

The dual-detector option can be used to enable measurements in both transmission and reflection geometries on a given sample. For THz imaging applications, our TERA Image extension, complete with advanced software for imaging acquisition and reconstruction, can easily be integrated into your setup to unlock and facilitate your experiments. To fully leverage the modularity provided by the TERA K15 platform, you can opt to synchronize the system to an external laser and/or extend it with supplementary laser output ports at 780 nm, 1040 nm and 1560 nm wavelengths. Given these features, the TERA K15 provides a unique interface for optical pumping – terahertz probing and can serve as an ideal testbed for exploring innovations in photonics and semiconductor science.

The TERA K15 integrates Menlo Systems’ cutting-edge fiber-based femtosecond laser operating at an emission wavelength of 1.5 μm, utilizing our proprietary figure 9® mode-locking technology. Additional components include a fiber-coupled optical light path with a fast delay line, customizable THz free-space optics, including THz emitter and detector. The system is equipped with control electronics and a PC fitted with data acquisition and evaluation software. The delay line offers a flexible scan range that covers a standard scanning window of >850 ps with a spectral (THz) resolution below 1.2 GHz. For customers seeking the highest spectral resolution (<0.6 GHz), an extended scanning range (>1700 ps) is available as an option.


  • THz Purge Box Extension Unit

    Product Code: THz Purge Box

    Menlo Purge box option 3w 

    Compact purge box for our THz mirror systems for improved, water line free Terahertz spectroscopy.

    Download PDF: Infosheet THz Purgebox

  • TERA Image Extension Unit

    Product Code: TERA Image


    For THz imaging applications our fully automated extension TERA Image can be integrated.


  • ImageLab: Extended Edition THz Image Analysis

    Product Code: ImageLab


    Hyperspectral Image Processing Software for THz Imaging Data


  • Plug-in Terahertz Reflection Head Add-on for flexible THz measurement geometry

    Product Code: Reflection Head

    MENLO THz Reflection Head

    Plug-in THz reflection head with integrated parabolic mirror THz optics. Compatible with Menlo Systems' fiber-coupled THz antennas TERA15-TX-FC (Emitter) and TERA15-RX-FC (Receiver).

    Download PDF: Infosheet THz Reflection Head

  • Reflection Guide Add-on for flexible THz measurement geometry

    Product Code: Reflection Guide


    THz path pivot platform for quick and flexible manual adjustment of the reflection angle, ranging from a minimal reflection angle of 38° to normal up to a stretched configuration for measurements in transmission geometry. A scale for measurement angle indication is included. The platform assures angle adjustment of the sample holder.

Time domain data: TERA15-TX-FC

Time Domain Data TERA15 TX FC


Frequency domain data: TERA15-TX-FC

Frequency Domain Data TERA15 TX FC


New! Comparison of our emitters

Comparison of emitters time domain

  • TERA15-TX-FC measurement settings: 100 V bias with 25 mW optical powers at 24 Hz scan speed to achieve >6 THz and >95 dB in 60 sec
  • TERA15-HP-TX measurement settings: 200 V bias with 50 mW optical powers at 24 Hz scan speed to achieve >6 THz * and up to 110 dB in 60 sec
  • All measurements were conducted under ambient conditions without purging Frequency domain data: TERA15-TX-FC
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