Optical Frequency Combs

The Optical Frequency Comb technology is regarded as a breakthrough technology for measurements with highest accuracy. Lowest phase noise, stable supercontinuum, and turn-key operation make the Menlo Optical Frequency Comb solutions unique in accuracy and reliability. According to our principles: The best Optical Frequency Comb for any application.

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What's new in Optical Frequency Combs New Features 2021 Learn about our new FC1500 ULNplus Comb - the ideal clockwork for optical lattice clocks ...
500 - 2100 nm SmartComb Compact Optical Frequency Comb

Optical Frequency Comb, ready to measure, in 19'' 3 HU.

500 - 2100 nm FC1500-250-ULN Optical Frequency Comb

Optical Frequency Comb with ultra low phase noise based on PM Er fiber oscillator

500 - 2100 nm FC1500-ULNplus Optical Frequency Comb New

Ultra Low Noise Optical Frequency Comb for Optical Lattice Clocks

Specials Menlo Systems Frequency Comb Technology
3.1-3.4 µm, 6.5-7.8 µm Mid-IR Comb Optical Frequency Comb
  • Offset-free Optical Frequency Comb for the Mid-IR based on PM Er and Yb fiber technology
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Specials Custom Optical Frequency Combs AstroComb