Quantum Laser Systems

By combining the Optical Frequency Comb and multiple ultrastable frequency stabilized lasers in a transportable, rack based system Menlo Systems offers a complete laser system for most demanding applications like optical clocks, quantum computing, and quantum physics experiments based on cold atoms, molecules and ions. The customer can configure the system in terms of laser wavelengths, laser power and frequency accuracy so that it is optimally matched to the application.

Related product families: Optical Frequency Combs, Ultrastable Lasers

Learn more about our Quantum Laser System in our film "Why you need an optical clock".

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Quantum Laser Systems FC1500-Quantum All-in-one rack mounted system - 7 cw lasers referenced to frequency comb - for Quantum Computing and Optical Clocks New
Specials Why you need an optical clock Watch our video with YouTuber Doktor Whatson about the technology of defining our universal time and how the FC1500-Quantum helps improving clock precision.