Optical Frequency Combs, Ultrastable Lasers, Terahertz Systems, Femtosecond Fiber Lasers

Optical Frequency Combs Optical Frequency Combs for metrology and spectroscopy. Unique in accuracy and reliability.
Ultrastable Lasers Ultrastable, frequency stabilized lasers at any wavelength.
Time Domain Solutions
Terahertz systems for fingerprint spectroscopy and Terahertz imaging instruments for use in quality control and inspection.
Femtosecond Fiber Lasers Femtosecond lasers for Terahertz generation, 2-photon excitation, and metrology.
2023-10-23 Quantum Computing for Germany: planqc subcontracts Menlo Systems We are pleased to announce that we are supporting planqc as a strategic partner in the development of a scalable quantum computing platform based on neutral atoms. ..
2023-12-04 3D Nanoprinting under test A team led by Sven Fritzsche at the Federal Institute for Materials Research has developed a test artifact that enables the quality assessment of femtosecond direct laser writing procedures. Menlo Systems’ C-Fiber 780 HIGH POWER femtosecond laser was used in the development of the standard.
2023-12-04 Terahertz Radiation Boosts Quality Control from Aerospace to Pharma Read in the December issue of Photonics Spectra how the THz spectral range has the potential to transform manufacturers' techniques to measure material thickness for paints, coatings, papers, and thin films, with Menlo Systems offering ready-to-use solutions.
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