Optical Frequency Combs, Ultrastable Lasers, Terahertz Systems, Femtosecond Fiber Lasers

Optical Frequency Combs Optical Frequency Combs for metrology and spectroscopy. Unique in accuracy and reliability.
Ultrastable Lasers Ultrastable, frequency stabilized lasers at any wavelength.
Time Domain Solutions
Terahertz systems for fingerprint spectroscopy and Terahertz imaging instruments for use in quality control and inspection.
Femtosecond Fiber Lasers Femtosecond lasers for Terahertz generation, 2-photon excitation, and metrology.
2021-04-30 Record accuracy in optical clock networks Researchers organized in the Boulder Atomic Clock Optical Network (BACON) Collaboration compare three optical atomic clocks based on different atoms with record accuracy. At JILA, they employ Menlo Systems' FC1500-ULNplus for transferring the purity of the silicon cryogenic cavity to the strontium clock laser.
2021-03-05 Remote customer system installations The ongoing pandemic made us creative in finding new ways of system installation and user training. In 2020, we have successfully supported our customers in their efforts to install systems by themselves, with online video and remote support provided by our engineers.
Quantum Laser Systems FC1500-Quantum All-in-one rack mounted system - 7 cw lasers referenced to frequency comb - for Quantum Computing and Optical Clocks
2021-03-29 Machine Learning and Terahertz Imaging Researchers at Aalto University in Finland have introduced a new approach to imaging with terahertz radiation. The TeraSmart Compact Terahertz Time-Domain Spectrometer plays a crucial role in their experiments.