Asynchronous Optical Sampling System

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Advanced Features and Benefits

Within the Er:doped C-Fiber (ASOPS DUAL COLOR, ASOPS TWIN) and the Yb:doped orange series any Menlo Systems femtosecond fiber laser can be combined on one platform. Here we specify two of the possible system configurations.

NEW: Now also TERA ASOPS fast scanning THz-TDS system available

Repetition Rate 100 MHz 250 MHz
Repetition rate offset tuning Δf = -10 kHz .. + 10 kHz, in steps of 10-5 Hz Δf = -10 kHz .. + 10 kHz, in steps of 10-5 Hz
Time measurement window 10 ns 4 ns
Scan duration 1/ Δf 0.1 ms @ 10kHz offset, 1 s @ 1 Hz offset 0.1 ms @ 10kHz offset, 1 s @ 1 Hz offset
Data Point Increment Δf / Rep² 1 ps @ 10 kHz, 0.1 fs @ 1 Hz 160 fs @ 10 kHz, 0.016 fs @ 1 Hz
Laser Heads    
Central Wavelength 1560 nm / 780 nm
1560 nm
Average Power  >100 mW / >100 mW  >75 mW / >75 mW
Pulse Energy  >0.4 nJ >10 nJ
Pulse Width <90 fs / <120 fs
<150 fs / <150 fs (after 6-m PM fiber)
Output Port 2 x free space 2 x fiber-coupled FC/APC
Piezo Tuning Range >100 Hz >625 Hz
Piezo Bandwidth >30 kHz >30 kHz
Stepper Motor Turning Range >330 kHz >2 MHz
Trigger Signal TTL level at offset frequency, <10 ns rise time TTL level at offset frequency, <10 ns rise time


In time-resolved measurements an ultrafast pulse triggers a reaction and a second pulse takes a snapshot of the induced change. By shifting the arrival time of the probe pulse with respect to the pump pulse the stimulated process can be followed in time.The asynchronous optical sampling technique allows high-speed scanning over some nanoseconds of time delay without a mechanical delay line. The ultrafast lasers delivering the pump and probe pulses are locked together at a tunable repetition rate difference.

The lasers can be also locked to the same repetition rate value and by shifting the relative phase between the laser pulses, the system will allow measurements in a reduced time window of some 100 ps. Switching between the two modes of operation can be done at the touch of a button.

Advantages of the ASOPS technique

  • faster acquisition times
  • increased temporal measurement windows
  • no moving mechanical components (improved beam pointing stability, increased scanning speed)

The ASOPS DUAL COLOR 1560/780 enables measurement in a 10 ns time window. The system delivers sub-150 fs pulses at 1560 nm and 780 nm for two-color ultrafast spectroscopic applications. The investigation of long-lived processes are possible with femtosecond resolution and unrivaled data acquisition rates.

The ASOPS TWIN system with output at 1560 nm enables measurements in a 4 ns window. The sub-150-fs pulses are delivered to the sample in 6-m long fiber optic patch cords. The fiber-coupled design makes this portable system ideal for integration into industrial environments or where remote detection is required.


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