Femtosecond Ytterbium Laser

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Advanced Features and Benefits

  • >1 W with <75 fs or >10 W with <150 fs
  • SHG 520 nm Option
  • High Stability
  • Low Amplitude and Phase Noise
  • Repetition Rate 50-250 MHz
  • Single Mode-Lock State
  • figure 9® Technology, Laser Output in Less than 60 Seconds
orange HIGH POWER 10
Central Wavelength 1040 nm ± 10 nm 1040 nm ± 10 nm 1040 nm ± 10nm
Average Power >100 mW (@ 100 MHz) >1 W (@ 100 MHz) >10 W (@ 100 MHz)
Pulse Energy >1 nJ >10 nJ >100 nJ
Pulse Width* chirped, supporting <150 fs <150 fs (<75 fs**) <200 fs (<150 fs**)
Repetition Rate** 100 MHz (50-250 MHz with Vario) 100 MHz (50-250 MHz with Vario) 100 MHz (50-250 MHz with Vario)
Output Port fiber-coupled free space free space
Additional Fiber-Coupled Seed Port  1 (up to 4 with MULTIBRANCH)  1 (up to 4 with MULTIBRANCH) 1 (up to 4 with MULTIBRANCH)
Polarization linear, PM Fiber linear, p-polarized linear, p-polarized
Beam Height   120 mm 120 mm
Average Power   >400 mW  
Pulse Width   <150 fs  
Polarization   linear, p-polarized  

*Please inquire for your specific combinations of average power, pulse duration and repetition rate.

**Please inquire about shorter pulse widths.


Menlo Systems’ femtosecond Yb fiber-based laser sources now offer more than 10 W in average power with a pulse duration of <150 fs. Based on our unique figure 9® design, the lasers offer reproducible and long-term stable operation. Both oscillator and amplifier use polarization maintaining (PM) fiber components only, ensuring excellent stability and low-noise operation. The second harmonic generation is a highly efficient module for maximum performance. The laser is maintenance free, user installed and ready to use at the press of a single button. Customize your laser with the available options to match the requirements of your application.



    Product Code: CHIRPED PULSES

    Picosecond pulses for seeding applications

  • SYNC100 Repetition Rate Synchronization

    Product Code: SYNC100

    Tunable cavity length by high-bandwidth piezo-controlled synchronization

  • RRE-SYNCRO Repetition Rate Stabilization

    Product Code: RRE-SYNCRO

    Feedback electronics to phase lock pulses to an external clock (see product page for more details)

    All-in-one synchronization solution: laser and synchronization electronics all components from one supplier: full automation for hands off operation, integrated and tested for an immediate start. → best performance with more time for your experiments!

    Synchronization: Laser to reference

    Synchronization Laser ReferenceRelative Phase Noise between stabilized laser and 10 MHz reference:

    RMS Timing Jitter: <200 fs [0.1 Hz–500 kHz] or same as reference, whichever applies first

    Integrated timing jitter of free running laser: <2 fs [rms, 10 kHz.. 1 MHz]


    Synchronization: Laser to laser

    Synchronization Laser Laser

    Relative Phase Noise between two lasers in master-slave configuration

    RMS Timing Jitter down to <20 fs [0.1 Hz–500 kHz] for Menlo fs lasers as master/slave with small locking bandwidth

    Integrated timing jitter of free running laser: <2 fs [rms, 10 kHz.. 1 MHz]



  • VARIO User-Defined Repetition Rate

    Product Code: VARIO

    Factory-set value selectable in the 50-100 MHz range

  • MULTIBRANCH Additional Seed Ports

    Product Code: MULTIBRANCH

    Seeding of multiple amplifiers with optional subsequent frequency conversion to cover multiple wavelengths

  • SHG 520 Second Harmonic Generation

    Product Code: SHG 520

    Frequency doubling to 520 nm

Amplitude noise < 0.5% rms (over 24h)

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Reproducibility. Identical and consistent laser performance

Reproducibility fs Fiber Lasers

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