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The FC1500 Ultra Low Noise Comb with extended coherence is the ideal clockwork for optical lattice clocks. A direct comparison between two independent ULNplus Combs is an elementary part of every systems' quality check at the Menlo factory. Such Menlo guarantees and proves by measurement that the outstanding spectral purity of the oscillator is transferred perfectly to the desired customers' wavelength for every system delivered to the customer. A “Plus” in performance and a “Plus” in quality.


Our newest locking electronics feature a completely new embedded system, capable of >1 MHz locking bandwidth for the repetition rate, offset frequency, or an external laser lock. The intuitive software can be accessed directly on the enlarged screen, or via the control software. The RRE- and CEO- SYNCRO-embedded are now part of all FC1500-250-ULN (Var 2) and FC1500-ULNplus systems, and feature a fast and a slow actuator for high bandwidth and long-term locking. The LLE SYNCRO (laser locking electronics) can be optimized a CW laser of your choice, also featuring a slow and a fast actuator, phase-frequency detector, and all other electronics required for sub-Hertz locking of your laser to a cavity or a comb.


Menlo Systems offers a complete laser system for cold atom experiments such as optical clocks or quantum simulators and computers. An ultra-low-noise frequency comb is stabilized to a sub-Hz cavity-stabilized laser, and up to seven CW lasers are all stabilized to this frequency comb. The spectral purity (linewidth, stability, and phase noise) are transferred via the comb to all comb lines, including critical clock and lattice lasers. This versatile and customizable solution comes in three 19-inch racks, with a centralized and easy to use control software.

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