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Available soon: SmartComb 250 MHz

MENLO SmartComb 3w

If you are looking for a compact, robust, high-end and fully automated Frequency Comb system, our SmartComb is the perfect choice: a rack-mountable device, which combines the unrivaled performance of our ULN-Frequency Combs within a compact form factor of only 3 height units in a 19” rack. The latest SmartComb version offers a repetition rate of 250 MHz (tunable over ± 2 MHz) and a tunable carrier envelope offset frequency, enabling the user to adapt the absolute positions of all comb lines. This feature is crucial for matching individual comb lines exactly to different atomic transitions or analysis/enhancement cavities. Furthermore, the increased repetition rate (in contrast to our former model, which offers up to 125 MHz) leads to an improved signal to noise ratio of beat signals with CW-lasers, which is essential for optical precision metrology applications.


Supercontinuum Module

Supercontinuum Module 8ports

The Supercontinuum Module (SCM) is a frequency comb extension (available for FC1500-ULN-nova/plus and FC1500-Quantum) which delivers up to 8 beat signals between ultra-low-noise frequency comb light and different CW-lasers in the range of 670 to 1700 nm. It provides up to 8 CW-laser input ports (FC/APC, others on request) and delivers the according beat signals (between the CW-laser light and its closest neighboring comb mode) at up to 8 BNC output ports. The super-broad and smooth comb spectrum, combined with our latest generation of optical beat detection units, leads to high signal to noise ratio beat signals over the entire wavelength range (> 35 dB SNR).


SCM Scheme 3w


Since the supercontinuum-spectrum is produced from one single amplifier branch, it is the perfect tool for frequency comparisons of different optical clock species and other high-end applications. Additionally, it offers high-flexibility: you could start e.g. with 3 “beat detection channels” and extend the module at a later time. A Menlo service engineer can easily add new channels and/or adapt the already existing ones, directly on-site.


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