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SYNCRO3rd generation

Latest developments in Frequency Comb- and Quantum laser systems demand for highest flexibility regarding synchronization and control electronics. The solution is Menlo’s 3rd generation SYNCRO unit, which serves as a modular carrier for various electronic boards: multiple lock boxes, butterfly packaged CW-lasers, low noise laser drivers, fiber noise cancelling electronics and more can be comprised within one single unit. The 7” touchscreen, combined with a rotary knob, provides easy access to all parameters and a convenient way for fine-adjustments. The completely redesigned user interface is split into a parameter settings list- and a ‘main-controls’ area which includes all major control elements for the corresponding feedback loop, laser driver or any other functional group you want to operate. Full remote control is provided via Menlo-Core-UI and application programming interfaces are available for Python, JavaScript, ECMAScript, C++ and C#.

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