Compact Optical Frequency Comb

MENLO SmartComb 3w


Advanced Features and Benefits

  • touch panel and remote control
  • beat detection unit included
  • transportable, 19" rack mountable
  • full automation
Comb Spacing 100 MHz  
Accuracy 2 x 10-16 (τ>100 s)* 1 x 10-14 (τ>1000 s)Δ
Stability <7 x 10-16 in 1s*, <5 x 10-17 in 1000s*  5 x 10-13 in 1 sΔ
Laser Input one linearly polarized SC/APC PM input port
Center Wavelength 1.5 µm
Spectral Range @ 1550 nm >25 nm
Measurement Wavelength choose one in the 630 - 2000 nm range

*phase lock to optical reference, Δ phase lock to RF reference



All your comb applications at your fingertips:

SmartComb is an optical metrology system in a revolutionary compact package. In just 19” 3U it features the first fully automated turn-key optical frequency comb designed and built for use both in- and outside the optics lab. It measures your optical frequency anywhere between 630-2000 nm. Feed in your laser and get the frequency with 14 digits. Alternatively, it provides you with optical reference lines in the same spectral range (choose wavelength on ordering).

With its internal RF-reference, SmartComb can be used as a standalone device. For highest precision measurements, a radio frequency or an optical reference input is available to stabilize the SmartComb.

Due to its modular design, SmartComb is one of the most versatile frequency comb system on the market: Internal units can be adapted to measure different wavelengths or be replaced with amplifiers to provide up to 6 output ports. Additional external modules are retrofittable, to provide higher powers, customized spectra and pulse lengths. SmartComb has a robust design. Its underlying proprietary technology based on figure 9® lasers has already been verified onboard of aircraft and sounding rockets, proving it is well-suited even for demanding environments.

Watch a system demonstration of the SmartComb here:


  • Rackmounted SmartComb Extensions

    Product Code: Rackmounted Extension

    The SmartComb can provide stabilized comb output as a seed, thereby extending the range from 530 to 2000 nm with optional retrofittable extensions.

    MENLO SmartComb Rackmounted

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