Mid-IR Comb
Optical Frequency Comb



Advanced Features and Benefits

  • spectral range 3.1-3.4 µm and 6.5-7.8 µm (extended range optional)
  • high repetition rate of either 100 or 250 MHz
  • high output power up to 120 mW at 3 µm
  • spectral bandwidth of > 200 nm
  • turnkey metrology system, fully automated with comb control and data analysis software
Mid-IR Comb
Comb spacing 100 or 250 MHz
Accuracy 10-14 in 120 s or same as reference, whichever applies first
Stability 5x10-13 in 1 s or same as reference, whichever applies first
Tuning range of comb spacing >2 MHz
Tuning range of offset frequency >250 MHz
Wavelength range 3.1-3.4 µm and 6.5-7.8 µm (extended range optional)

*inquire about different wavelength ranges


Frequency comb technology makes direct measurement of absolute optical frequencies possible. With the Mid-IR Comb system we have extended the wavelength coverage into the Mid-IR spectral region. The mode frequencies are completely defined by the repetition rate only, as the carrier envelope offset frequency vanishes in a difference frequency generation process. Such, the turn-key Mid-IR Comb is the perfect tool for high accuracy spectroscopy in the fingerprint region of many molecules.


  • SmartAmp SmartComb Extension

    Product Code: SmartAmp

    The SmartComb can be extended with a 19”, 3 HE rack containing up to 6 amplifiers, 6 beat detection units (BDU) and frequency counters. Using the SmartComb as a seed, the comb light is distributed and amplified with the SmartAmp. Together with internal BDUs and counters the system automatically measures your laser frequencies, in the range of 530-2000 nm, to the 14th digit. In addition, the beat signals serve as error signals to stabilize your CW laser (e.g. with a MenloSystems SYNCRO LLE unit) when required.

    In short: Stabilize all frequencies and transitions in your quantum optics laboratory to one absolute frequency reference!

    Menlo SmartComb SmartAmp 3w

  • Tablemounted Extension SmartComb Extension

    Product Code: Tablemounted Extension

    The SmartComb can provide stabilized comb output as a seed, thereby extending the range from 530 to 2000 nm with optional retrofittable extensions.

    Menlo SmartComb extended 3w

  • EOM-Phase Electro-optic Phase Modulator

    Product Code: EOM-Phase

    Integrated into the laser cavity; allows high-performance phase locking to an optical reference by increasing the bandwidth of the repetition rate lock by more than an order of magnitude. With this EOM option sub-Hz line widths can be achieved. Required for high-performance phase locking to an optical reference.

  • WLM-NIR Integrated Wavelength Meter

    Product Code: WLM-NIR

    Integrated wavelength meter with 100 MHz accuracy at 900 - 1700 nm

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