Mid-IR Comb
Mid-infrared optical frequency comb

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Advanced Features and Benefits

  • Spectral Range 3 - 5 and 5 - 14 μm
  • Repetition Rate 100 MHz or 250 MHz
  • High Output Power of up to 200 mW
  • Large Spectral Bandwidth of 50 cm-1 - 300 cm-1
  • All-in-one metrology system, fully automated including comb control and data analysis software
  Mid-IR Comb 3-5 Mid-IR Comb 5-8-14
Center Wavelength fixed, user selectable in the range 3-5 μm fixed, user selectable in the range 5-8 μm fixed, user selectable in the range 8-14 μm
Average Output Power >100 mW in range 3.2-4.4 μm, above 4.4 μm best effort >0.5 mW >0.5 mW
Tuning Range (optional) discrete, automated continuous, manual continuous, manual
Repetition Rate  100 MHz or 250 MHz 100 MHz 100 MHz


World-leading optical frequency comb technology is now available in the mid-infrared region. Taking advantage of Menlo Systems' proprietary figure 9® mode-locking technology, Menlo Systems' difference frequency generation (DFG) based Mid-IR combs provide access to the 3-14 μm range. The reliable, turn-key mid-IR Comb is an enabling tool for applications in the important fingerprint region for high accuracy spectroscopy or nanoFTIR.


  • EOM-Phase Electro-optic Phase Modulator

    Product Code: EOM-Phase

    Integrated into the laser cavity; allows high-performance phase locking to an optical reference by increasing the bandwidth of the repetition rate lock by more than an order of magnitude. With this EOM option sub-Hz line widths can be achieved. Required for high-performance phase locking to an optical reference.

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