PR17-002 Review: Photonics West 2017

MENLO SYSTEMS at the Photonics West 2017, San Francisco, CA

We would like to thank all visitors who attended us at our booth during the Photonics West! We showed our latest innovative developments and newly released products in the field of optical frequency combs, femtosecond lasers and Terahertz systems. 

Our experts on the booth had many interesting conversations which gave us the opportunity to learn about the trends in the markets and its Photonics applications.

Menlo Systems is looking forward to welcoming you to our next exhibition!



MENLO SYSTEMS_Optical Frequency Combs_SmartComb_pic.jpg

SmartComb Compact Optical Frequency Comb

Product News SmartComb Optical Frequency Comb

One-box compact 19” 3U unit including electronics and optics

• As easy to use as a wavelength meter

• Fully automated with control and data acquisition analysis software

• 24/7, built for use outside the optics lab

NEW wavelengths now at 633 nm, 780 nm and 1064 nm

 MENLO SYSTEMS_Optical Frequency Combs_FC1500-250-ULN_Stability_Measurement.jpg

Stability of CEO and Optical Reference Beat Frequency

Product Release FC1500-250-ULN Optical Frequency Comb

• High-end ultra low noise fiber frequency comb

• Outperforming any other laser and comb technology

• For measurements with highest demands on accuracy, stability and phase noise

• Stability 3 x 10-18 in 1000 s


YLMO Femtosecond Ytterbium Laser Ultrafast OEM Laser for Amplifier Seeding

Product News OEM Lasers

• Compact femtosecond fiber lasers at 1560 nm, 780 nm

Higher power levels, shorter pulses

• YLMO HIGH POWER module at 1 µm for photo activation in bioscience

 MENLO SYSTEMS_Terahertz Time Domain Solutions_TeraSmart_pic_3w.jpg

TeraSmart Compact Industry Proven THz Spectrometer

 Product Release TeraSmart THz Spectrometer

• Most compact fiber coupled THz-TDS system

• Modular, industry-proven design

• OEM integration

• Remote control and high-speed data transfer over Ethernet connection

 MENLO SYSTEMS_Terahertz_Time_Domain_Solution_TERA_ASOPS_3w.jpg

TERA ASOPS High-Speed THz Time-Domain Spectrometer

 Product Release TERA ASOPS THz Spectrometer

• High-speed fiber coupled THz-TDS system

• >1 kHz data acquisition rate

• Up to 10 ns scanning range

• Highest spectral resolution

• Intuitive, user-friendly software

• Remote control and high-speed data transfer over Ethernet connection

 MENLO SYSTEMS_Terahertz Time Domain Solutions_ImageLab_Prozessschema.jpg

ImageLab Hyperspectral imaging THz Software

 Product Release ImageLab THz Software

• Hyperspectral imaging software

• THz image pre-processing and improvement of raw data

• Statistical image analysis and classification

• Combination with a conventional photograph into an image stack

• Get your free trial license!


FPD High Sensitivity Fast PIN Photodetectors

New Improved Detector Product Line

• New release of FPD High Sensitivity Fast PIN Photodetectors

• Improved specifications, new models