Ultrastable Laser System

MENLO Ultrastable Laser Systems ORS Mini 3w


Advanced Features and Benefits

  • Robust and well-engineered 19” rack-mountable 8U device
  • Field-deployable (rigid cavity mounting)
  • Best-in-class phase noise
  • Suitable for OEM integration
  • Turnkey solution with automated laser locking—24/7 operation
Wavelength 1535-1565 nm or 1061-1067 nm
Stability (MADEV at 1s, linear drift removed) <5 x 10-15
Linewidth <2 Hz

Phase Noise (laser source dependent)

at     10 Hz        -3 dBc/Hz        
at   100 Hz      -45 dBc/Hz        
at 1000 Hz      -65 dBc/Hz                  

For all Models Spurious Signals <-5 dBc

Output Power >10 mW (SC/APC connector)
PDH Servo Bandwidth approx. 1.5 MHz
Cavity Spacer 5 cm, ULE, Cubic Design (developed in collaboration with the NPL, UK)
Free Spectral Range 3 GHz
Linear Drift Rate approx. 150 mHz/s
Vibration Isolation Platform not included


The rack-mountable ORS-Mini Ultrastable Laser System is designed for field applications and OEM integration. It delivers ultra-narrow linewidth laser light with excellent frequency stability.

The system’s centerpiece is a high-finesse Fabry-Pérot cavity (cubic spacer with a length of 5 cm) serving as a reference for a CW laser. The cavity is made out of ultra-low expansion glass (ULE) and is operated in vacuum at the point of zero thermal expansion. The reference cavity is acoustically isolated allowing for excellent performance also in rough laboratory environments. Rigid mounting of the cavity ensures portability without realignment of the optical paths.

The system electronics is based on the newest generation of Menlo Systems’ proprietary SYNCRO controller—a modular platform designed for versatility and intuitive use. It incorporates all required electronics, e.g., a low-noise laser driver and a very fast (analog) servo loop for laser frequency stabilization. The user controls all parameters using either the 7” front-panel touchscreen or a GUI on a remote PC. The onboard software ensures automatic cavity locking and system monitoring.



Stability and Phase Noise


Stab ORS Mini 1542nm


PN ORS Mini ULE IBS 1542nm

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