MENLO FC1500 Quantum Hogan 8 drawers 2HE blind


Advanced Features and Benefits:

  • rack-mounted ultra-low-noise optical frequency comb
  • rack-mounted cavity-stabilized laser with sub-Hz linewidth
  • rack-mounted spectral broadening units, cw lasers, wavemeter, and locking electronics
  • centralized and automated control of all sub-systems
  • multiple CW lasers, referenced to the frequency comb, ready for your application
  • integrated MOGLabs cateye ECDLs; M Squared Ti:Sapphire lasers and others on request

Exemplary Strontium lattice clock application:

  • Strontium lattice clock system consists of all lasers for the clock transition, the lattice laser, cooling, and repumping: 461 nm, 679 nm, 2x 689 nm, 698 nm, 707 nm, 813 nm
  • spectral purity transfer from 1542 nm to the clock transition at 698 nm on the 10-18 stability level in one second.
  • cw laser output power from mW level up to Watt level (e.g. for the lattice laser at 813 nm)
  • optical reference system stability down to <7 x 10-16 in one second with optional crystalline mirror coatings (fused silica mirrors with ULE compensation rings, or regular ULE mirrors on request)
  • includes de-drifting of cavity against customer's atom interrogation or radio frequency reference


Our laser systems for experiments with cold atoms or ions, such as optical (lattice) clocks or quantum simulation or quantum computing, are complete rack-mounted solutions. The FC1500-Quantum system consists of a cavity-stabilized laser for sub-Hz linewidth, an optical frequency comb in the visible and infrared, and several customizable cw lasers. The comb transfers the narrow linewidth and stability throughout the entire spectrum and to the cw lasers, which are locked to the comb for all required electronic transitions: cooling, repumping, and clock transitions.

Strontium lattice clocks based on the Hz-linewidth transition in neutral strontium atoms at 698 nm require up to seven lasers in the red region for cooling, repumping, and as a lattice laser. The FC1500-Quantum includes all of these in three 19” racks, and can immediately be connected to the physics package via optical fibers.

For the critical clock transition at 698 nm, spectral purity transfer down to the 10-18 level is included. Our partners for CW laser sources are M Squared lasers and MOGLabs. Upon request we integrate any other manufacturers' cw lasers. Get the best laser for your application!

FC1500 Quantum Overview

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