Timing Distribution and Synchronization System



Advanced Features and Benefits 

  • <10 fs (rms) of jitter/drift
  • Easy integration into control infrastructure
  • Remote controllable
  • Includes our new modelock technology for low phase noise performance
  • Full customization
  • Modular design


The Timing Distribution and Synchronization System (TDS) is fully integrated and remote controllable. With a set of redundant features, the possibility of a system failure during critical moments is minimized. A mode-locked laser is used as the Optical Master Oscillator (OMO) which is synchronized to a low-noise RF oscillator or a cavity-stabilized CW laser, to obtain optimum phase noise performance both close-in and far away from the carrier. The signal from the laser is amplified using our Source Distribution Amplifier (SDA), and split-up using our fully in-fiber Splitter box (SPBox) into the required number of ports. The pulsed, stable laser signal is then distributed across the facility using our Stabilized Fiber Links (SFL) to remotely synchronize lasers or RF systems with unprecedented overall precision and stability.