What Can Menlo Systems Optical Frequency Combs Do for You?

The optical frequency comb is a laser source that that can provide broadband optical radiation from the Mid-IR to the UV. The frequency comb has discrete spectral components, i.e. comb teeth, whose frequency can be precisely determined and controlled, thus forming a “frequency ruler” in the optical domain. Developed twenty years ago, it is now the heart of the clock work of optical atomic clocks which have produced the most accurate measurements in human history. The frequency comb has enabled other applications such as low-phase noise microwave generation, trace gas detection and spectroscopy, and coherent LIDAR amongst many other applications. In this talk, we will present Menlo Systems' optical frequency combs for demanding applications in both academic and industrial settings.

Mark Yeo Ph.D. - U.S. West Sales Engineer

Day of presentation: Thursday, 14 October, 2021

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