Tilo Steinmetz, Menlo Systems, among The Photonics100

T Steinmetz Astrocomb 70pc

The Photonics100, a project initiated by Electro Optics celebrating the photonics industry’s most innovative people, is in its second round and has just revealed the honorees for 2024. Dr. Tilo Steinmetz, Product Manager for optical frequency comb systems for astronomical spectrograph calibration at Menlo Systems, is among those selected. The Photonics 100 honors Dr. Steinmetz’s research and development activities on a technology which “was a significant breakthrough in the field of astronomical instrumentation” and has “revolutionized the precision and accuracy of spectroscopic measurements in astronomy.”

Ultra precise calibration of high-resolution spectrographs is essential for finding answers to the most intriguing questions in astronomy, such as the search for Earth-sized planets outside our solar system, testing the theory of General Relativity, or the invariability of universal constants. Dr. Steinmetz’s research in the near future will focus on extending the spectral bandwidth of Menlo Systems’ AstroComb systems to open up its application to a wider range of users, and also on miniaturizing the systems to reduce their complexity.

The entire Menlo Systems family congratulates Tilo for this distinction. We are proud to have Tilo in our team, and to offer a highly innovative solution for the astronomical community, enabling further exploration of uncharted territories of the universe.

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