Frequency comb based laser systems for optical clock and quantum technology applications

Menlo Systems’ ultra-low noise (ULN) frequency comb technology, combined with advanced CW laser sources, ensures transferring the spectral purity of a superior optical reference to all CW lasers locked to the comb. This feature is exploited in clock comparisons or quantum experiments, where a long coherence time of the laser sources is mandatory.

As pioneer and the market leader of optical frequency comb technology, in the second part of this webinar miniseries Menlo Systems presents the FC1500-Quantum, a complete laser system for applications in optical (lattice) clocks and quantum technology. Applications examples from these research areas elucidate the demand in highest stability and accuracy of the involved laser sources. A live demo of the FC1500-ULN scientific platform optical frequency comb highlights the superior performance of the system and the benefit of saving time for the actual experiment. We invite researchers from related topics, students, experiment designers, and who is interested in combs in quantum technology to attend the webinar.

Dr. Dag Schmidt, Product Manager - Optical Frequency Combs

View on demandThis webinar is a two part series - click to view more information about the first webinar.