Photonics West 2015


San Francisco, CA, USA

Booth 1301

Photonics West 2015

MENLO SYSTEMS at the Photonics West 2015, San Francisco, CA

Visit us at the Photonics West in San Francisco at the Moscone Center from February 10 to 12, 2015!

You will find us at booth 1301 in hall ABC.

Come and see our latest product novelties and learn about our most recent technology advances! The worldwide No.1 frequency comb expert has developed figure 9® Mode Locking for FC1500 Optical Frequency Synthesizer with highest stability, and a Rack-mounted Optical Frequency Comb. We release our new TERA SYNC synchronizable THz-TDS system and our TERA K15 with enhanced data acquisition platform for faster measuring. In the line of our modular femtosecond fiber lasers we introduce the most compact ELMO 780 and flexible ELMO Multichannel. Our scientific laser family is now extended by our versatile C-Fiber 780 with super continuum generation. We will also present a new release of our industrial BlueCut micro-Joule femtosecond laser. This heavily upgraded system now offers a cost-effective solution for a large variety of micro-material and bio-photonic applications.

Rack-mounted FC1500 optical frequency comb system

figure 9® Mode Locking for FC1500 Optical Frequency Synthesizer and Rack-mounted Optical Frequency Comb Release:

Menlo Systems releases the new generation of its FC1500 Optical Frequency Synthesizers. The figure 9® mode locking mechanism is now available for the frequency combs as well, ensuring excellent stability and low-noise operation. With this innovation Menlo Systems brings its optical frequency combs to a new level of stability. Advanced features include complete automated control of the repetition rate and CEO frequency, sub-Hz enabled linewidth, or the optional ultrahigh stability package. A special rack-mounted FC1500 system makes its debut at the Photonics West 2015. The compact footprint and robust design bring benefits for applications that require a rugged and transportable instrument. “The rack-mounted architecture is the result of customer feedback,” said Dr. Marc Fischer, the product manager. “From now on, we can also offer a solution with excellent price/performance ratio for users who work at a single optical frequency or with an RF output only in applications like dimensional metrology, low-noise microwave synthesis or optical frequency distribution research.”

TERA SYNC synchronizable fiber coupled THz-TDS system with multicolor output ports

TERA SYNC Synchronizable THz-TDS System:

Our new TERA SYNC synchronizable THz-TDS system with multicolor output combines THz time-domain spectroscopy with other radiation sources. The oscillator can be synchronized to an external THz source, such as a synchrotron, or to another laser. With additional optical high power outputs at various wavelengths, the TERA SYNC gives access to a range of new experiments, enabling e.g. the characterization of novel THz sources or charge carrier dynamics in pump-probe experiments.

 Compact fiber coupled TERA K15 THz-TDS system

 TERA K15 with Enhanced Data Acquisition Platform:

We are launching our newly engineered fiber coupled THz-TDS system TERA K15 with enhanced data acquisition platform, making THz broadband spectroscopy faster and more user-friendly. From now on both, the best-selling TERA K15 and the new TERA SYNC now operate without lock-in amplifier. With a new faster scanning optomechanical delay and the latest generation high-power THz antenna modules we significantly reduced the measurement time and allow faster THz imaging in quality control. The scan range of >850 ps gives more flexibility for setting of the measurement window, e.g. when a cryostat compartment needs to be implemented into the THz path. Our figure 9® laser technology ensures highest stability and reliability of the TERA SYNC and TERA K15 THz-TDS systems for science and industry.

 ELMO femtosecond laser with two EDFA modules for multichannel applications

 ELMO 780 and ELMO Multichannel:

Menlo Systems presents two new members within its line of compact, modular femtosecond fiber lasers for flexible and cost efficient OEM integration. With the ELMO 780 we bring the most compact 780 nm femtosecond laser with a miniaturized frequency doubling stage to the market. The laser is perfectly suited for applications in terahertz generation, in multiphoton excitation, in lithography technology and 3D micro printing, as well as for seeding of amplifiers. Our ELMO Multichannel represents the most flexible femtosecond laser with simultaneous output channels at various wavelengths. Output ports at 780 nm, 1030 nm, 1560 nm, and the virtually available colors at around 920 nm and 1200 nm match the 2-photon transitions of the most relevant fluorescent proteins, such as mCherry and GFP. Furthermore, the laser is ideal for multicolor spectroscopy and terahertz generation. With the figure 9® all-PM fiber design Menlo’s ELMO family laser systems offer excellent stability and low-noise operation, engineered for 24/7 operation.

 C-Fiber 780 femtosecond fiber laser based on the new figure 9® mode-locking technology

 C-Fiber 780 with Super continuum Generation:

By presenting the C-Fiber 780 with super continuum generation we have extended our very successful line of the scientific C-Fiber femtosecond fiber lasers. The system offers several output ports with wavelengths at 780 nm, 1560 nm, a supercontinuum ranging from 550 – 1000 nm, and other wavelengths on request. The C-Fiber 780 master oscillator can be synnchronized to an external optical or radio frequency clock signal, and guarantees lowest-jitter multicolor operation. With our figure 9® mode locking technology, highest power levels, and shortest pulse lengths the system performs at highest stability and is perfectly suited for pump-probe spec-troscopy or near-infrared offset free frequency combs. For perfect synchronization between the laser and the clock signal Menlo Systems offers complete solutions from the laser source to the stabilization electronics.

 BlueCut micro-Joule laser head

 BlueCut Micro-Joule Femtosecond Laser:

Our BlueCut femtosecond laser enables fast and efficient processing. With it's femtosecond burst mode feature and repetition rate ranging from single-shot to 10 MHz you can be sure to achieve maximum efficiency and ablation rates for your process. In addition to that, fast external tunability of the pulse energy allows to process with constant fluence across the part, even with changing spot overlap.

With <400 fs and 10 uJ pulse energies and up to 10 W average power, precision and clean processing is a given for a wide range of materials. To provide even greater flexibility and enhance efficiency and resolution, we now also offer optionally a frequency-doubled output at 515 nm. Based on our proven all-fiber integrated technology, the BlueCut micro-Joule femtosecond laser from Menlo Systems offers superior robustness and reliability. It is designed for industrial and scientific micro processing, serving e.g. biomedical applications or applications in the semiconductor industry.