High-precision metrology in the mid-infrared


Menlo Systems introduces the Mid-IR Comb, the latest development in their family of optical frequency combs, pushing precision metrology into the 3 – 14 µm mid-infrared (mid-IR) spectral range. This so-called molecular fingerprint region allows for the unambiguous characterization of molecular signatures, providing insights into the chemical composition and reaction kinetics of organic or inorganic materials. The Mid-IR Comb enables high-sensitivity and high-accuracy measurements, such as mid-IR Fourier-transform spectroscopy (FTIR), nano-FTIR, mid-IR dual-comb spectroscopy, or frequency-locking of mid-IR quantum cascade lasers.

The turn-key all-in-one system is based on a Menlo Systems’ robust and reliable figure 9® fiber mode-locked oscillator technology and difference frequency generation (DFG). The resulting carrier-envelope-offset (CEO)-free optical frequency comb can cover the spectral ranges of 3 – 5 µm, 5 – 8 µm, or 8 – 14 µm, determined by the customer, and provides up to 200 mW average optical power within a large spectral bandwidth of 50 to 300 cm-1. Optionally, the Mid-IR Comb can be fully CEO-stabilized in order to obtain comb lines featuring Hz-level linewidths in the mid-IR. With its cutting-edge technology and versatile capabilities, the Menlo Systems Mid-IR Comb is a reliable enabling tool for molecular analysis and materials science. A unique solution for unique fingerprints.