Menlo Systems' YLMO 520: Frequency doubling meets versatility

Menlo Systems introduces YLMO 520, the compact ytterbium femtosecond fiber laser with 520 nm output. By frequency doubling of the 1040 nm YLMO fundamental, the novel YLMO 520 delivers optical pulses with >500 mW average output power and <150 fs duration at 520 nm. Simultaneously, the system ensures access to the 1040 nm fundamental with freely adjustable splitting ratio of optical power between the two wavelength channels. Thus, also the full extent of >4 W maximum average power at 1040 nm wavelength is available with <100 fs pulse duration. This versatile system design enables flexible dual color and time resolved measurements. High peak powers, excellent stability, and consistent long-term performance make the YLMO 520 a perfect match for applications such as multiphoton excitation, pump-probe spectroscopy, or two-photon polymerization.
Menlo Systems' YLMO 520 integrates the latest developments in fiber laser technology into a robust and easy-to-use product, addressing the demands in science and industry.