PRESS RELEASE: OSE – Compact, robust optical sampling system

OSE – Compact, robust optical sampling system

Martinsried, May 15, 2019  - Menlo Systems’ new OSE Optical Sampling System is a complete solution offering the full flexibility of an ASOPS (asynchronous optical sampling)-system in a 19” rack housing. It contains two erbium femtosecond fiber lasers of which the oscillator frequency is synchronized with high-accuracy phase locking electronics. The frequency offset is tuned electronically in order to set the temporal delay between the femtosecond pulses of the two laser modules. This allows for high-speed scanning over many nanoseconds of time delay without mechanical components. Additionally, an optically generated TTL trigger signal is available for data acquisition.

Due to its modular design, the OSE is the most versatile compact ASOPS laser system on the market. Extension with external modules for higher output power or customized spectrum and pulse length is possible at any time. For instance, fiber coupled THz antennas for a THz-ASOPS system can be connected. Menlo Systems’ proprietary figure 9® mode coupling technology guarantees reliable laser systems with stable output parameters even under harsh conditions. The fully automated embedded system is virtually maintenance free and is accessed through the integrated front screen or via network by a graphical user interface. For operation and data acquisition, a PC with ultrafast analog-to-digital-converter card can be connected to the system. The operation of the OSE is easy and time saving, and allows highest efficiency with respect to the actual application.

Menlo OSE 3w

Figure: OSE Optical Sampling System