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TERA K15 Mark II for flexible THz material analysis

March, 2014

With the TERA K15 Mark II Menlo Systems brings the latest generation of compact, fully fiber-coupled, turn-key THz time‐domain spectrometer to the market. Using Menlo Systems’ innovative figure 9® fiber laser, the system is mechanically robust and largely tolerates temperature and humidity variations of the surroundings. The improved antenna technology of the TERA K15 provides nearly ten times higher THz power, thus enabling efficient material analysis for thicker samples or for samples which are less transparent in the THz spectral range. The fiber coupled antenna modules and the use of light weight polymer lenses in the THz path ensure flexible and easy reconfiguration of the measurement geometry for a tailored THz spectroscopy or imaging setup. Laboratory applications and industrial quality control equally benefit from the non-destructive and contact-free THz material inspection method which is also safe for the user. Designed for 24/7 operation with highly reproducible system performance, the TERA K15 is ready to serve applications even in harsh environment and is ideal for implementation into production lines of various industrial branches, such as plastics, paper, food safety, or security.

 MENLO THz watermark pic 715x1016 3w

Image (300 dpi): MENLO_THz-watermark_pic_pr.jpg

Caption: THz transmission image of a water mark on a 20 Euro bank note, size: 20 mm x 45 mm. (Image courtesy: PTS Paper)