Complete solution for Quantum 2.0 applications

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Advanced Features and Benefits:

  • rack-mounted ultra-low-noise optical frequency comb
  • rack-mounted cavity-stabilized laser with sub-Hz linewidth
  • rack-mounted spectral broadening units, cw lasers, wavemeter, and locking electronics
  • centralized and automated control of all sub-systems
  • multiple CW lasers, referenced to the frequency comb, ready for your application
  • integrated MOGLabs cateye ECDLs; M Squared Ti:Sapphire lasers and others on request

Exemplary Strontium lattice clock application:

  • Strontium lattice clock system consists of all lasers for the clock transition, the lattice laser, cooling, and repumping: 461 nm, 679 nm, 2x 689 nm, 698 nm, 707 nm, 813 nm
  • spectral purity transfer from 1542 nm to the clock transition at 698 nm on the 10-18 stability level in one second.
  • cw laser output power from mW level up to Watt level (e.g. for the lattice laser at 813 nm)
  • optical reference system stability down to <7 x 10-16 in one second with optional crystalline mirror coatings (fused silica mirrors with ULE compensation rings, or regular ULE mirrors on request)
  • includes de-drifting of cavity against customer's atom interrogation or radio frequency reference


The FC1500-Quantum provides exquisite low noise comb and CW light over a wide frequency range in a fully rack-mounted system. It is the all-in-one ultra-stable frequency comb-based solution for your Quantum 2.0 application. Whether you are building an ion/ neutral atom-based quantum computer, a quantum optical clock, or an atom interferometry experiment, Menlo tailors your system according to your requirements and delivers the optical engine to operate your physics experiments. The system consists of an ultra-stable cavity stabilized laser with sub-Hz linewidth from Menlo’s Optical Reference System (ORS) line, an ultra-low-noise optical frequency comb (FC1500-ULN or SmartComb) and as many CW lasers as required for your experiment.

The unique patented Menlo comb technologies allow the transfer of spectral purity, narrow linewidth, and high stability of the ORS throughout the entire comb spectrum, and enable the down-division to the RF domain without any loss of phase coherence. The purity transfer is future proof, with the residual comb phase noise being orders of magnitude below the highest stability optical reference demonstrated to date. These features enable the minimization of the Dick effect in optical clocks, high phase coherence to maximize optical and microwave qubit fidelities, and last but not least, 24/7 cycle-slip-free and drift-compensated laser operation. The FC1500-Quantum is ready to enable and enhance your state-of-the-art Quantum Application.


Scheme FC1500-Quantum

Optical reference system

Frequency stability in the mid-10-16 level at 1 s

0 PN ORS XTAL 1 modallanTCH

 The rack-mounted ORS of the FC1500-Quantum is characterized in terms of single-sideband optical phase noise power spectral density and fractional frequency stability. Menlo Systems carries on detailed analysis for each system to guarantee ultimate performance and uninterrupted operation. A three-cornered hat technique is used to provide absolute noise analysis of the ORS.

Ultra-low-noise Spectral Purity Transfer

Comprehensive out-of-loop qualifications of Spectral Purity transfer before shipping

2 PN SPT comb 3 modallanSPT 2ndComb

 The ultra-low-noise frequency comb is qualified against a reference system. The Spectral Purity Transfer performance is analyzed for short-term phase noise performance and long-term fractional frequency stability, to ensure negligible additive noise. Here, the residual phase noise of an ECDL at 698 nm in the FC1500-Quantum is measured against a reference system, proving the exquisite transfer of phase-coherence from the optical reference system to the high Q-factor clock transition in neutral Strontium.

Phase lock loops stability of 5 CW lasers

Ultra-stable phase lock loops ensuring negligible additive noise to the CW Lasers

4 modallanCWs 5 Spacer

We believe in fully phase-locked systems, being the only path for phase-coherently transfer the purity from one specific optical frequency to all frequencies. Here the robustness of our phase-lock-loops is measured, demonstrating the negligible additive noise and the full control of the disciplined CW lasers.

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