R&D Projects

We are grateful for the opportunity to work in projects with partners within Germany, the EU, and worldwide. Within each individual project we try to focus on the solution for a specific task. Very often this requires profound R&D work. We explicitly want to express our thanks to BMBF, BMWi, the EU, and others for their support in the R&D efforts. The work presented on this Projects page would be impossible without their generous support. Last, we want to thank our partners for their inspiration and support.

R&D Projects FOKUS II A ruggedized and compact dual frequency comb scheduled for launch on a sounding rocket in April 2018
R&D Projects P┬ÁreComb Microwave generation with record-low phase noise
R&D Projects Hybrid 3D Laser workstation for micro-stereolithography and two-photon-absorption
R&D Projects CloNets Time and frequency dissemination over fiber
R&D Projects INSPECT THz spectrometers in automotive industry
R&D Projects OptIClock Developments towards a Yb+ ion clock
R&D Projects IRASSI II Infrared Astronomy Satellite Swarm Interferometry
R&D Projects ACROSS Subsystems for dual-comb spectrometers in the Mid-IR and UV spectral region
R&D Projects Former Projects See a listing of successfully concluded projects