Optical Frequency Comb

MENLO FC1500 ULN system 3w


Advanced Features and Benefits

  • lowest phase noise of <100 mrad [100 Hz-2 MHz]
  • high bandwidth >1 MHz actuators for CEO and repetition rate
  • fully fiber-coupled CEO frequency generation
  • turnkey metrology system, fully automated including data evaluation software
  • designed for continuous operation
Comb Spacing 250 MHz
Accuracy 10-17 in 1000 s1)
Stability 1 x 10-16 in 1 s1), 1 x 10-18 in 1000 s1), 5 x 10-13 in 1 s2)
Integrated Phase Noise <100 mrad [100 Hz - 2 MHz]
Line Width <1Hz1),3)
Tuning Range of Comb Spacing >2 MHz
Tuning Range of CEO Frequency >250 MHz,
Spectral Range >25 nm (500-1050 nm with M-VIS,1050-2100 nm with M-NIR)

1)Phase lock to optical reference

2)Phase lock to RF reference

3)Limited by resolution bandwidth of analyzer


The FC1500-250-ULN Ultra Low Noise Optical Frequency Comb is a compact and versatile fiber-based metrology system. Laser operation relies on the figure 9® mode locking technology, which ensures excellent stability and low-noise operation. The femtosecond laser is ready-to-use at the press of a single button, and automatic phase lock loops ensure easy stabilization to either a RF or an optical reference. Thanks to the mature system design, users report long-term uninterrupted operation. With a variety of extension packages and add-ons, systems are exactly tailored to the individual experimental requirements.
Ever increasing demands for stability and accuracy of time and frequency signals require improved frequency references. But even the best optical references have very limited spectral coverage. The FC1500-250-ULN overcomes these limitations by transferring the spectral purity of a stable reference to the entire wavelength range of 500-2000 nm. This unique feature enables the users to compare different (optical) frequency references, stabilize all CW lasers to one absolute frequency reference and use it as a clockwork for optical clocks. The overall stability is evaluated in an out of loop comparison between two independent optical frequency combs, which is integral part of the quality check during factory acceptance of each system. Choose between two variants, depending on the stability and accuracy that you require in your lab.



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