Application Notes

2-Photon polymerization and 3D printing

Amplifier seeding

Differential absorption LIDAR

Dual comb spectroscopy

Frequency combs in microgravity

High harmonic generation

High resolution spectroscopy

Laser cooling

Laser micromachining

Laser synchronization and ASOPS

Length metrology

Medical microsurgery

Microresonator frequency combs

Mid-IR spectroscopy

Multiphoton Microscopy


New fields in metrology

Optical clocks

Quality inspection

Quantum communication

Quantum computing and simulation

Quantum optics

Quantum sensing

Spectrometer calibration

Terahertz combs & ultrafast switching

Terahertz generation & terahertz physics

Terahertz remote sensing

Terahertz spectroscopy

Time and frequency

Timing distribution for large facilities

Ultra-low noise microwave generation