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New Laser Driver

Menlo presents a new generation of low-noise laser drivers RLD for the butterfly laser diodes. These lasers serve as front end in our ultrastable laser product family. The laser driver shows a 20 dB improvement in terms of laser RIN, and offers a higher modulation bandwidth. Using our tailored servo loop filter, the feedback bandwidth in cavity stabilization was more than doubled, shifting the servo bandwidth to beyond 1.7 MHz. This translates into lower phase noise both close to the carrier and at high offset frequencies.

More Comprehensive System Automation

Last year, Menlo introduced the world’s first sub-Hz Laser with full automation, highlighting our position as technology leader in the market of ultrastable lasers.

This year, we proudly announce that the automation package now also covers important add-ons in our ultrastable laser line-up. These are the fiber-noise cancellation package (FNC) and the intensity-noise suppression servo. The FNC allows you to transfer the ultrastable laser light over long distances without spoiling its outstanding stability by Doppler-induced phase shifts. The intensity noise suppression servo is part of our high-end FS-XTAL Option and brings down amplitude fluctuations, that would otherwise translate into tiny cavity length fluctuations precluding the 10-16 performance level.

The automation routines run on the click of a button. They are hosted on the SYNCRO control unit (3rd generation, released 2021) with entirely redesigned software from its architecture to the user interface. Full remote control is provided via Menlo-Core-UI and application programming interfaces are available for Python, JavaScript, ECMAScript, C++ and C#.

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