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MENLO ORC Cylindric 3w

By introducing the new XM-ORC product, Menlo Systems, in collaboration with Thorlabs, has expanded the selection of optical reference cavities for applications that range from high-resolution spectroscopy, to quantum computing and optical clocks. Each unit includes a vacuum-housed 12-cm cylindric cavity spacer with crystalline-coated mirrors to provide ultimate stability and precision. The latest XM-ORC with a 1156 nm center wavelength offers a finesse cavity exceeding 300,000. Ideally suitable for neutral Yb-atoms, it complements the 1397nm solution for Sr applications. Moreover, finesse values exceeding 200,000 can be achieved at a wavelength of 1064nm. The XM-ORC is available in its standard configuration for wavelengths at 1064 nm, 1156 nm, 1397 nm, and 1542 nm. In addition, more wavelengths can be tailored upon customer request.

New wavelengths and high-power solutions

The wavelength range of customized solutions has been further expanded to the blue-wavelength region, where ORS systems at 435.5nm can serve as a clock laser for Yb+ ion-clock applications. For quantum-computing applications involving Ca+ ions, high-power ORS with sub-Hz linewidth delivering >1W at 729nm are also now available. Finally, stay tuned for an even more compact ORC design coming soon!

Standalone ORC cylindric and cubic cavities

Would you like to integrate the ORC-cavities into your own vacuum chamber, e.g. for interferometric applications? We can now provide the cubic and cylindric cavities from our ORC-systems also as standalone options, with optically-contacted cavity mirrors and finesse characterization.

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