New Features 2020


Reflection Head

With our new Reflection Head, you can mount your fiber coupled THz antenna modules in a compact, alignment free device to conectrate on your measurement. The alignment free Reflection Head is compatible with our Tera15-FC antenna modules. With the fiber coupled design, it gives you the easiest and most flexible reflection device.

Next Generation Fiber Coupled Terahertz Emitter

Our improved Iron doped THz emitters improve the pulse amplitude by 30% compared to the previous generation, giving you more power in the interesting THz frequency range up to 6 THz. They can be retrofitted in our Terahertz Spectrometers.

Dual detector systems

Our THz-TDS systems can from now on be equipped with two THz detectors, e.g. allowing detection in reflection and transmission simultaneously. This unique feature of Menlo’s THz systems is opens new fields of applications, and makes our systems even more attractive to both scientific and OEM customers.

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