New Features 2022


Menlo FPD ultrafast photodetectors with improved specifications
The FPD ultrafast photodetectors have reached a new level. All models have improved dark state noise levels down to -135 dBm (see individual spec sheets). The FPD610, the latest addition to the FPD family, has a DC-600 MHz bandwith and an exceptional high gain. With each detector a low noise power supply is included, making it ready for operation. All FPD models share the same small housing - a plus for integration and OEM purposes.

Menlo APD ultrafast Avalanche photodetectors
Please contact us if you want to learn more about the new models.

OEM customers
We welcome OEM customers and are ready to adapt the detectors to your specific application. Our in-house expertise combines excellent knowledge in optics and RF electronics resulting in state-of-the art solutions for our customers.

Please download our latest Detector Selection Guide for a detailed overview over all specifications.

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