High Sensitivity Avalanche Photodetector

MENLO Photodetectors APD410 3w


Advanced Features and Benefits 

  • Wavelength Range 200-1000 nm
  • Frequency Range 1–1600 MHz
  • Avalanche Detector for Highest Sensitivity
  • Extremely Short Rise Times
  • Easy-to-use Package
  • Improved Sensitivity in the UV to visible range


Originally developed for the detection of the beat note signal between cw or pulsed lasers, the APD410 is ideally suited for applications requiring highest sensitivity for low level input signals in the UV to visible range. The APD avalanche photodiode series can provide an extremely sensitive alternative to traditional PIN photodiodes. It is also fast enough for the characterization of, for example, pulsed solid-state lasers on the nanosecond time scale. It maintains high gain stability over the 10 °C to 40 °C temperature range by utilizing a temperature compensation circuit, which adjusts the ~150 V DC bias to ensure operation near the breakdown voltage.


  • Detection of beat signals between cw or pulsed lasers
  • Characterization of fast pulsed lasers
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