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Tracing its origin to worlds first commercial supplier of optical frequency-combs, Menlo Systems has been leveraging innovation in ultra-stable laser technology for over 20 years. Today, we continuously strive to extend a portfolio of femtosecond fiber lasers based on our proprietary figure 9® mode locking technology – meeting scientific precision with industrial robustness.

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ELMO 780 XHP: Industry proven. Output power multiplied.




The ELMO 780 XHP model is designed for demanding high power applications in 3D nano printing and two photon microscopy. The new high power model delivers more than 1W of average output power at 780 nm, with pulse durations down to 100 fs. Owing to a refined dispersion pre-compensation, these pulse durations can be delivered right to your sample. The integrated AOM allows for fast light modulation. Offering all the versatility of our modular concept, the ELMO 780 High Power fits in seamlessly to our product line of industrial femtosecond fiber lasers – ready for OEM integration.

YLMO-520: Frequency doubling meets versatility.

The YLMO-520, based on frequency doubling of our YLMO 1040 nm ytterbium femtosecond laser, delivers up to 1W average output power at 520 nm, with pulse durations below 150 fs. A versatile design permits simultaneous access of the 1040 nm fundamental, at an arbitrary power splitting ratio. High peak powers, excellent stability, and consistent long-term performance make the YLMO-520 a perfect fit to applications such as multiphoton excitation, pump-probe spectroscopy, or two-photon polymerization.

ELMO High Power: Now even better aligned to high power THz generation.

The ELMO series of 1560 nm erbium lasers delivers up to 380 mW average output power with pulse durations down to 45 fs – industry proven by 24/7 operation in harsh environments. For 2024 improvements, we have particularly kept an eye to align the ELMO High Power model to our new fiber-coupled photoconductive antennas with three times more THz power and very broad THz emission. In conjunction with customizable options – like fiber lengths up to 30 m or multibranch outputs – the ELMO series remains unbeaten in providing utmost versatility for THz time domain applications and beyond.

Stabilization and Synchronization: Complete solutions from under one roof.

Our proprietary figure 9® fiber laser design is poised to adapt to customized repetition rates, repetition rate tuning, synchronization, asynchronous optical sampling (ASOPS), or carrier envelope phase (CEP) stabilization at exceptionally low noise levels. In 2024, we not only continue to serve these requirements with complete solutions from under one roof – but strive to advance the compactness, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendliness of control electronics to a new level.


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