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YLMO-930 femtosecond fiber laser

Shorter pulses, better contrast ratio, and an optional high-power output at 1030 nm. The Menlo YLMO-930 in its 2020 package is ready for the challenges in modern life sciences and 2-photon Green Fluorescent Protein GFP excitation, where a compact and reliable femtosecond laser makes a difference. The YLMO-930 is a perfect choice for 24/7 operation.

YLMO femtosecond fiber laser family

We have added new laser models to the YLMO family of femtosecond fiber lasers. The YLMO models now cover average output power from a few milliwatts to several watts, and pulse lengths from <100 fs to several ps. And we have extended the wavelength range to 520 nm by a frequency doubling stage that is available with all high-power models. With an average output power of more than 2 W and a pulse duration well below 150 fs the YLMO-2W is perfectly suited for applications in multiphoton excitation and photo activation. The figure 9® mode locking technology and all PM-Fiber design guarantees excellent stability. Due to improved packaging and a new laser control unit OEM integration has never been as easy as in 2020.

ELMO 780 High Power: Ideal source for two photon polymerization

Our ELMO 780 High Power laser with more than 140 mW output power at 780 nm is optimized for two photon polymerization and spectroscopy. Pulse durations well below 100 fs enable high peak power for short exposure times in 3D printing applications. Excellent stability in rough environment can be achieved with our unique figure 9® mode locking technology for 24/7 operation. The modular concept of the ELMO platform with a handheld second harmonic generation unit enables highest versatility with smallest footprint. Additional output ports with amplifiers can be added to the laser system for multicolor experiments. For dispersion compensation of additional optics the laser pulses can be pre-chirped up to 16000 fs² on request.

ELMO High Power: Ideal source for THz generation

The ELMO High Power is an ideal source to generate Terahertz pulses for broadband time-domain THz spectroscopy (THz-TDS). With femtosecond pulses in the range of 50-90 fs broadband THz emission can be achieved. The modular design and the fiber coupled ports enable manifold multibranch configurations for simultaneous measurements with several emitter/detector pairs. Moreover, custom fiber lengths with dispersion compensation of up to 30 m are available for versatile arrangements. The figure 9® mode locking technology guarantees 24/7 operation in a compact and robust design.

C-Fiber 780 High Power: Versatile laser system with lowest timing jitter

The C-Fiber 780 High Power laser is based on our scientific platform and provides up to 3 nJ at 780 nm, and more than 5 nJ at 1560 nm for multicolor Experiments. Pulse durations as short as 60 fs offer high peak powers for spectroscopic experiments. To lock the repetition rate of the laser system to an external reference or to another laser you can choose the repetition rate (VARIO option) and synchronize it with our complete and user-friendly locking platform (SYNCRO). Our unique figure 9® design ensures premium performance with an outstandingly low timing jitter on the attosecond level.

We cover all wavelengths from visible to mid-IR

Menlo Systems offers wavelengths from the visible to the mid-IR, spanning 500 nm to 15µm. We have extended the wavelength range with high average power of more than 120 mW from 3.2µm up to 5 µm. At the same time the form factor of the mid-IR laser head on the optical table could be reduced significantly. Therefore these laser systems are an ideal and versatile tool for molecular spectroscopy, dual-comb spectroscopy, or nanoscale Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (nano-FTIR).

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