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Fiber-coupled Photoconductive Antenna

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Antenna type Standard power emitter High power emitter Receiver
THz power Up to 100 µW Up to 300 µW n.a.
Spectral and dynamic range >6 THz, >100 dB >6 THz, up to 110 dB n.a.
Antenna material Fe:InGaAs/InAlAs Fe:InGaAs/InAlAs InGaAs:Rh
Photosensitivity up to 1.57 μm up to 1.57 μm up to 1.57 μm
Fiber connection PM-PANDA, l=100 cm, FC/APC connector, SMF 28 fiber on request PM-PANDA, l=100 cm, FC/APC connector, SMF 28 fiber on request PM-PANDA, l=100 cm, FC/APC connector, SMF 28 fiber on request
Antenna electrical connection 1 m connector cable, LEMO 0S 1 m connector cable, LEMO 0S 1 m SMB connector cable, BNC adapter
Housing diameter 24.95 mm 24.95 mm 24.95 mm
Operating conditions      
Average optical power <30 mW <50 mW <30 mW
Pulse duration <100 fs <100 fs <100 fs
Repetition rate 100 MHz (80...250 MHz) 100 MHz (80...250 MHz) 100 MHz (80...250 MHz)
Bias voltage 100 V modulation, 100 V 200 V modulation, 200 V n.a.
Modulation frequency up to 75 kHz up to 75 kHz n.a.




Introducing our groundbreaking TERA15 antenna modules, specifically designed for 1560 nm laser wavelength in all-fiber THz-TDS systems. These modules boast an exceptional blend of flexibility and robustness, making them the unparalleled choice in the market.

The high-power antenna technology employed in these modules relies on InGaAs/InAlAs multilayered mesa structures with the added advantage of high voltage biasing of the emitter. This unique approach ensures unparalleled efficiency and performance (up to 3 fold THz electric field amplitude).

To achieve the highest THz bandwidth possible, the structures for both the emitter and detector components have been carefully optimised. Moreover, our polarization-maintaining (PM) coupling fiber enables a reliable and stable operation, even when faced with harsh environmental conditions.

We currently offer standard emitters (TERA15-TX-FC) and receivers (TERA15-RX-FC) as well as new high power emitters (TERA15-HP-TX).

In summary, our fiber-coupled TERA15 antenna modules represent a new era in THz-TDS systems, setting the standard for performance, flexibility, and durability in the industry.

Time domain data: TERA15-TX-FC

Time Domain Data TERA15 TX FC

Frequency domain data: TERA15-TX-FC

 Frequency Domain Data TERA15 TX FC


New! Comparison of our emitters

Comparison of emitters time domain


TERA15-TX-FC measurement settings: 100 V bias with 25 mW optical powers at 24 Hz scan speed to achieve >6 THz and >95 dB in 60 sec
TERA15-HP-TX measurement settings: 200 V bias with 50 mW optical powers at 24 Hz scan speed to achieve >4.5 THz* and up to 110 dB in 60 sec
All measurements were conducted under ambient conditions without purging

*Some high-power-enabled systems achieve a lower usable bandwidth when operated at maximum field strength due to saturation effects in the detector washing off some phase information above 4.5 THz.



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