Ultrastable, ultraprecise, portable: Commercial ultrastable laser systems enabling high-end quantum applications

Optical lattice 

Some of the world’s most demanding applications in quantum technology and precision metrology require ultra-stable laser sources with ultimate frequency stability and unprecedented low phase noise. Increasingly, end-users also require reliable, 24/7 laser operation that can be automated, all in a readily transportable device. After more than a decade of addressing the complexity in design and engineering to achieve all of these requirements, Menlo Systems’ Optical Reference System (ORS) has become the backbone to these demanding applications, delivering best-in-class phase noise and frequency stability in a compact, mobile device. In this webinar, we will present the key components and performance of our ORS product family, a product demonstration, and will give an insight into some of the application fields our ORS is enabling.

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Speaker in formation:

Dr. Sandra de Vega - Sales Engineer Optical Frequency Combs & Ultrastable Lasers

Dr. Maurice Lessing - Group Leader Ultrastable Lasers

Dr. Jason Reeves - US East Senior Sales Engineer; Quantum Physics and Frequency Comb Specialist