IRMMW 2023

The 2023 48th International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter and Terahertz Waves (IRMMW-THz) will be held in Montreal, Canada, from September 17th-22nd.

Meet us at booth 19!

Menlo Systems' conference contributions:

Vectorial Currents And Broadband Terahertz Vector Beams With Optoelectronic Metasurfaces (We-PM1-3-1)
J. Pettine1, L. Gingras2, P. Adel2, Ch.-Ch. Chang1, R. Prasankumar3, R. Holzwarth2, A. Taylor1, Sh. Lin1, P. Padmanabhan1, H.-T. Chen1 1Los Alamos National Laboratory, United States 2Menlo Systems GmbH, Germany 3Intellectual Ventures, United States
September 20, 13:00, Session Metasurfaces & Plasmonics I, Cartier II

A High Pump Power Commercial THz TDS System For The Hyperspectral Imaging Of New Classes Of Metasurfaces (Fr-AM-4-2)
L. Gingras1, J. Pettine2, P. Adel1, R. Holzwarth1, H.-T. Chen2
1Menlo Systems GmbH, Germany
2Los Alamos National Laboratory, United States
September 22, 11:15, Session Active Sensing 3, International I

Link to the conference webpage: IRMMW-THz | Montreal 2023 Conference

Link to the conference schedule and list of presenters: IRMMW-THz 2023 Conference (