Remote customer system installations

Menlo Systems is looking back at 20 years of experience in manufacturing complex systems such as optical frequency comb, ultra-stable lasers, and terahertz spectrometers. We have installed most of these devices in the user laboratories and trained our customers in their operation, thus ensuring form them an easy start in working with their new systems and keeping a close relationship with our valued customers. With the time, more robust and reliable products as well as improvement in their usability made it easier for our customers to access the possibilities of our devices quicker.

The ongoing pandemic made us creative in finding new ways of system installation and user training. In 2020, we have successfully supported our customers in their efforts to install systems by themselves, with online video and remote support provided by our engineers. Thereby we ensure to provide our full service without restrictions. We will continue on this path in the future since it allows us to provide support more rapidly and to minimize the carbon footprint of our business.

View one of our customer success stories: