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ELMO 780 and ELMO Multichannel Ready for Operation

January, 2015

Menlo Systems presents two new members within its line of compact modular femtosecond fiber lasers for flexible and cost efficient OEM integration. With the ELMO 780 the first handheld 780 nm femtosecond laser is brought to the market. The most compact laser design is owing to Menlo Systems’ unique figure 9® mode locking technology, modular oscillator and amplifier units, and a miniaturized frequency doubling stage. The laser is perfectly suited for applications in terahertz generation, multiphoton excitation, lithography technology and 3D micro printing, as well as for seeding of amplifiers.

Menlo Systems’ ELMO Multichannel represents the most flexible femto-second laser. The modular design in combination with highly efficient EDFA amplifiers and non-linear processes results in a laser with simultaneous output channels at various wavelengths. Output ports at 780 nm, 1030 nm, 1560 nm, and the virtually available colors at around 920 nm and 1200 nm match the 2-photon excitation wavelengths of the most relevant fluorescent proteins, such as mCherry and GFP. Furthermore, the laser is ideal for multicolor spectroscopy and terahertz generation.

With the most compact geometry and figure 9® all-PM fiber design Menlo’s ELMO lasers combine highest flexibility with excellent stability and low-noise operation. All systems are maintenance free and engineered for 24/7 operation, ready to use at the press of a single button.



Figure: ELMO femtosecond laser with two EDFA modules for multichannel applications