TERA SYNC: Synchronizable THz-TDS System with Multicolor Output

December 18, 2014

Menlo Systems has launched TERA SYNC to address the needs of the scientific THz community for combining THz time-domain spectroscopy with other radiation sources. The novel system is using Menlo’s scientific oscillator which can be phase locked to an external THz source such as a synchrotron, or to another laser for pump-probe experiments. Moreover, the laser system can be configured with various multicolor and high power optical outputs. Menlo Systems is integrating its ultrastable figure 9® laser technology for highest reliability and the latest fiber coupled high-power THz antenna modules for highest flexibility. The newly engineered data acquisition platform of the THz-TDS system without lock-in amplifier is reducing the measurement time to unmatched 20 s for highest bandwidth and signal-to-noise-ratio. The fast scanning optomechanical delay line with >850 ps scanning range makes the system operation even more flexible, robust and user-friendly. The compact fiber coupled TERA SYNC THz-TDS system with enhanced performance gives access to an entirely new range of experiments, such as e.g. characterization of charge carrier dynamics and novel THz sources, faster THz imaging in quality control, or flexible integration of a cryostat compartment.

 MENLO SYSTEMS-Terahertz Time Domain Solution TERA SYNC.jpg

 Figure: Fiber coupled TERA SYNC THz-TDS system with synchronizable laser and multicolor output option