About the Research Program

PhoQuant: Photonic Quantum Computer

Quantum computers with sufficient computing units (qubits) can solve problems that cannot be handled by classical computers within acceptable computing time, e.g., development of new materials and optimization of complex logistical systems. Among different approaches for demonstration of a quantum computing system, the photonic approach offers several advantages such as long coherence time, the lack of crosstalk and better scalability. The latter is based on the fact that expertise in the manufacturing of photonic integrated circuits on chips is growing, scaling down the physical dimension and paving the way to industrial-grade systems. The aim of PhoQuant is to set up a photonic quantum computer that builds on the expertise of various companies and universities. In the end, a photonic quantum computer with up to 100 qubits will be developed. This photonic quantum computer will be accessible to the scientific community to demonstrate quantum advantage also for industry-relevant applications. Part of the optical system will be based on ultra low noise frequency comb technology and path length stabilization provided by Menlo Systems.  

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We gratefully acknowledge funding by the BMBF.