Former Projects ACROSS Subsystems for dual-comb spectrometers in the Mid-IR and UV spectral region
Former Projects OptIClock Developments towards a Yb+ ion clock
Former Projects FOKUS II A ruggedized and compact dual frequency comb scheduled for launch on a sounding rocket in April 2018
Former Projects PµreComb Microwave generation with record-low phase noise
Former Projects Hybrid 3D Laser workstation for micro-stereolithography and two-photon-absorption
Former Projects CloNets Time and frequency dissemination over fiber
Ended Sept. 2017 FACT Future Atomic Clock Technology
Former Projects IRASSI II Infrared Astronomy Satellite Swarm Interferometry
Ended Mar. 2017 IRASSI Precision intersatellite ranging technologies based on frequency combs

Photo: Infrared Telescope DARWIN, Copyright ESA 2002, Illustration by Medialab

Ended Dec. 2016 WebDefIn Development of an innovative, industry-suited measurement system for in-line inspection of ribbon-like materials.

The system detects defects such as enclosures, delamination and other voids utilizing terahertz radiation.

Ended Mar. 2016 DiaTumor Development of a compact 2-photon microscope with integrated fs fiber laser.

600 µm deep measurement of a mouse brain, taken with Menlo Systems Yb:doped femtosecond fiber laser, dye: YFP - Yellow Fluorescent Protein

Ended Nov. 2015 TERACOMB quantum cascade lasers (QCL) to generate a frequency comb (FC) in the terahertz frequency region
Ended Oct. 2015 SOC2 Towards Neutral-atom Space Optical Clocks
Former Projects KECOMO Kerr Comb Microwave Oscillator: A chip-based photonic microwave generator
Former Projects INSPECT THz spectrometers in automotive industry