Optical frequency combs in space: ready for take-off

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Optical frequency comb technology and its capability to directly measure and convert optical frequencies has revolutionized the field of high-precision metrology. While it is enabling novel technologies such as optical clocks and quantum applications, the demand is growing to exploit these technologies in space missions. To meet the requirements set by the harsh space environment, Menlo Systems has developed the Space Comb, with low size, weight and power (SWAP) characteristics, with high robustness against shock and vibration, radiation-tolerant components, standardized interfaces and autonomous operation.

In this webinar, we illuminate the technology of optical frequency combs and the path to a space qualified product, including precursor missions on sounding rockets. We walk you through the characterization of the system and stress the crucial aspects of its development for space-readiness. The designated application of the Space Comb in the COMPASSO project of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) is presented, with the aim to enhance the precision performance of global navigation satellite systems (GNSS). Finally, we give an overview over the potential landscape of future space applications for optical frequency combs.

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Speaker information:

Dr. Frederik Böhle - Project Manager Space Combs

Dr. Matthias Lezius - Group Manager Development and Custom Projects

Dr. Benjamin Sprenger - Regional Manager and Quantum Technology Expert