What Can a Menlo THz - TDS Engine Do for You?

In this session of the Optica Technology Showcase, Menlo Systems introduces its industry proven and turn-key THz time-domain spectroscopy (THz-TDS) systems.

Menlo Systems' THz-TDS engines range from versatile do-everything workhorses to compact, no-frills, and portable spectrometers.  We adapt our systems to the requirements of your applications. Equipped with our THz sensor modules, THz spectrometer optics, and sensor head, our THz-TDS engines deliver world-leading performance and unprecedented flexibility.

Our user-friendly and powerful control software allows for full turnkey operation, while our API enables remote control and seamless integration for OEM customers.

At the core of Menlo THz-TDS is our proprietary figure 9® laser mode-locking technology which delivers unbeaten reliability and superior results in demanding application fields such as wafer characterization, biosensing, polymer inspection, non-destructive material testing and thickness gauging.

Enrico Dardanis, Product Manager Terahertz Systems
Thursday, April 14, 2022

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