SPIE Photonics West / BIOS 2021

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The SPIE Photonics West conference and exhibition on 6-11 March, 2021 is held as a virtual event. We look forward to this unique opportunity to meet up with you again.

Our team of product experts is online Monday through Thursday starting 2 pm CET until 3 pm PST.

Conference contributions:

Mid-IR generation in a compact high repetition rate DFG system based on an Yb-fiber laser
C. Cleff, S. Matern, P. Adel, M. Fischer, & R. Holzwarth; Menlo Systems GmbH

Comb-assisted ultrastable laser system for quantum technologies
M. Giunta, M. Wolferstetter, N. Lilienfein, S. Holzberger, S. Saint-Jalm, M. Lessing, M. Fischer, & R. Holzwarth; Menlo Systems GmbH

Virtual exhibition:

Visit us on our market place with pre-anouncements readily available, and enhanced information going online during the event dates:


Watch our featured SmartComb demonstration video:

SmartComb: compact, fully automated optical frequency comb

The SmartComb is a fully automated, easy to use optical frequency comb in a compact, 19” rack-mountable design. It contains all optics and locking electronics needed to provide fully stabilized comb light around 1560 nm. Optics for up to 2 additional measurement wavelengths can be included on request. Further extensions are available to provide higher powers, customized spectra and pulse lengths.
Optical frequency combs are the only devices which are capable of measuring optical frequencies (rather than wavelengths) by coherently linking them to the radio frequency or microwave range. This unique feature enables the comb to act as a frequency ruler, a universal optical frequency reference for continuous wave lasers, a clockwork for optical clocks, or as a source of ultra-stable microwaves, to name only a few applications.
In our product demonstration video we present the SmartComb, its control software and how to measure the frequency of a continuous wave laser precisely, in the simplest possible way.

More information about the conference: