Menlo Systems’ FC1500-ULNnova: Novel oscillator technology for improved stability

Menlo Systems proudly introduces the FC1500-ULNnova, its latest optical frequency comb synthesizer model for ultimate performance. The core of the new model consists of the redesigned comb laser oscillator based on Menlo System’s patented ultra-low-noise (ULN) figure 9® mode locking technology. The enhanced design of this so called “nova”-oscillator results in significantly improved robustness against acoustical distortion and thermal drift. The major benefit of this novel design is a reduced free running linewidth of only 15 kHz. Owing to this leap in linewidth reduction, the FC1500-ULNnova has proven to support a frequency stability on the 10-19 level within 1 s averaging time!

As additional benefits for the user, the FC1500-ULNnova comes with two RF output ports for the repetition rate and its fourth harmonic, respectively, improved smooth repetition rate changes in the range of 248 MHz - 252 MHz, and an optimized mode-locking mechanism that allows for a reduced number of pump-diodes.