Bringing quantum networks to life

Bringing quantum networks to life

Maximilian Löw, PhD candidate, Quantum Dynamics group, MPQ

The bridge that leads from our everyday world into the quantum realm is made of tiny cavities. At the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics (MPQ) in Garching (Germany), Prof. Gerhard Rempe and his colleagues study the interaction of photons with atoms. Control over this interaction promises such systems to serve as transmitters, receivers and memory elements for information in a future global quantum network. In order to extend this approach from atoms to molecules, the team is exploring novel cooling methods. The precise stabilization of the frequencies of all lasers used is mastered with the help of the frequency comb technology.

optical frequency comb

Dr. Sandra de Vega, Menlo Systems

To learn more about quantum networks and the role of optical frequency combs, read our article "Bringing quantum networks to life" by Thorsten Naeser (MPQ) and Patrizia Krok (Menlo Systems) which appeared in Laser Focus World in October.