Menlo Systems opens subsidiary in China

After founding its Japanese subsidiary earlier this year, Menlo Systems is proud to announce the opening of 上海门洛量子科技有限公司 Shanghai Menlo Systems Quantum Laser Technology Co., Ltd., our branch in China. Building on a long-standing strategic partnership with Thorlabs China, we have established a substantial customer base in the region. The new local office is key to a direct interaction with our customers with an even faster service and delivery, and will strengthen our position within the growing photonics market in China. Being the leading developer and supplier of the frequency comb and femtosecond fiber laser technology, Menlo Systems is at the forefront enabling various applications in the photonics industry, and specifically the emerging commercialization of the quantum technologies as ongoing on the global scale. Besides its main product line of the optical frequency combs, Menlo Systems provides ultra-stable lasers, terahertz systems, and femtosecond lasers. “We see China as a strategic growth market and are demonstrating our commitment by opening the new subsidiary with a mature team of sales, application and service engineers,” explains Dr. Pu Zou, in charge of business development in China. Dr. Zou, together with Mr. Haidong Yang, Sales Manager at Shanghai Menlo Systems Quantum Laser Technology, are primary contact persons through and

Menlo Systems China subsidiaryDr. Pu Zou, General Manager, and Haidong Yang, Sales Manager at Shanghai Menlo Systems Quantum Laser Technology