Menlo Systems celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Optical Frequency Comb

A summer party to say Thank You! to our partners and customers

Since the first measurement of the hydrogen 1S–2S transition frequency using an optical frequency comb in 1999 [1] the optical frequency comb technology has reached numerous milestones in its history. In 2001, Menlo Systems was founded to accelerate the advancement of optical technology for precision measurements and their applications. The advancement in fiber based systems, particularly Menlo Systems’ proprietary figure 9® laser mode locking technology, have paved the path for the most reliable, robust, and compact optical frequency combs.

In 2019, Menlo Systems continues to hold a leading position in terms of quality, innovation and performance. Our FC1500-ULNplus, the world’s most precise optical frequency comb is part of the key technology for optical clocks which candidate to replace the cesium atom clock as the current standard for the SI definition of the second.

To celebrate 20 years of success in optical frequency comb technology and to say thank you to our customers and partners and to all who contributed to its advancement, together with our collaborators Thorlabs and Hamamatsu we have welcomed our guests to our headquarters in Martinsried on the evening of Wednesday, June 26, 2019. Starting with the highlights of Prof. Hänsch’s (Nobel laureate 2005 and cofounder of Menlo Systems) lecture on “Laser Frequency Combs” and Prof. Riehle’s (Head of the Division Optics at the PTB) lecture on “Optical Clocks and Redefinition of the SI Second”. During our facility tour we offered our guests insights into the production processes and our manufacturing principles. The summer evening was refreshed by traditional Bavarian folk dancers and with local food and beer.

[1] Th.Udem, J.Reichert, R.Holzwarth, and T.W.Hänsch: Accurate measurement of large optical frequency differences with a mode-locked laser; Optics Letters Vol. 24, p. 881 (1999)

Download of our anniversary poster: “20 Years of Optical Frequency Combs”.

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