Menlo Systems and Crystalline Mirror Solutions enter exclusive distribution agreement

The integration of the ORS product portfolio with technology from CMS enables Menlo Systems to provide the most advanced ultra-stable optical references on the market.

During a reception on the evening of Wednesday, June 26th, 2019, at the facilities of Menlo Systems in Martinsried, Germany Dr. Ronald Holzwarth and Dr. Garrett Cole signed an exclusive distribution agreement for optical reference cavities based on the proprietary substrate-transfer coating technology from CMS.

The semiconductor-based monocrystalline mirrors manufactured by CMS exhibit a significant reduction in Brownian noise when compared with mirrors based on sputtered coatings, while simultaneously providing excellent optical properties. The integration of crystalline coatings in Menlo Systems ORS product portfolio further advances the performance of these turn-key narrow-linewidth lasers, enabling Menlo Systems to provide ultra-stable optical references for applications in spectroscopy and quantum technology. Contact Menlo Systems for more information about this exciting collaboration.

CMS handshake