PRESS RELEASE: New Standards in Optical Frequency Combs

New Standards in Optical Frequency Combs

As the number one supplier of Optical Frequency Combs Menlo Systems is setting new standards in lowest phase noise and highest stability: The world’s best comb FC1500-250-ULN Ultra Low Noise Optical Frequency Comb for laser stabilization at the sub Hz-level is now taking position as our bestselling standard product. It combines versatility and ease-of-use with unprecedented low phase noise and extreme stability of the generated comb radiation. For strictest phase noise requirements needed in applications such as optical clocks the spectral purity of the FC1500-250-ULNplus is enhanced to Allan deviation of 5 x 10-19 in 1000 s.

Our portable and fully automated SmartComb all fiber based compact Optical Frequency Comb is the ideal choice for easy precision calibration even outside the lab. With our new SmartAmp add-on for amplification of stabilized output of comb lines at up to six wavelengths in a range of 530 to 2000 nm, the SmartComb becomes an indispensable tool for laboratories needing a stable optical frequency reference.

All our Optical Frequency Combs are based on our all polarization maintaining figure 9® mode locking technology for highest robustness, stability, and reliability.

 Menlo Systems_Frequency_Combs_SmartComb_11_3w.jpg

Figure: SmartComb all fiber based compact Optical Frequency Comb