PRESS RELEASE: New generation THz-TDS systems with highest bandwidth and SNR

Menlo Systems has introduced a new generation of THz time-domain spec-troscopy (TDS) systems with significantly increased specifications to the market. All THz-TDS systems with optomechanichal scanning unit, such as the TERA K15, TERA SYNC, and TeraSmart, from now on provide >5 THz spectral bandwidth and >90 dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). With latest fiber coupled photoconductive THz antenna technology, new software and system hardware, and modular design, the new generation of THz systems offers highest flexibility and versatility with respect to system configuration and arrangement for a wide range of applications in THz spectroscopy and imaging. The novel ‘ScanControl’ software is intuitive and easy to use, including new features and enabling centralized control of all system components such as the lasers and amplifier drivers, or synchronization electronics. Moreover, remote accessed via network, compatibility with all programming languages, and a LabView library ensure communication with and easy integration into the existing experimental environment.

Menlo Systems’ proprietary figure 9® technology for fiber lasers mode-locking guarantees most robust systems with extraordinarily reliable and reproducible performance. Options like multichannel outputs, and add-ons such as the imaging unit TERA Image, an additional scanning unit for THz spectroscopy of optically excited samples, or advanced THz evaluation software, hold solutions for the most demanding tasks and for new challenges in THz research and applications. For its previous generations of THz-TDS systems Menlo Systems offers an upgrade to further improve their performance. On request, life demonstrations and test sample measurements can be arranged in the Menlo Systems THz labs.