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Optical Frequency Combs: Solutions from the Experts

Lowest phase noise, wide wavelength coverage, and turn-key operation make the Menlo Optical Frequency Comb solutions unrivaled in accuracy, usability, and reliability. The all-fiber laser combs are based on the proprietary and patented Menlo figure 9® technology.

Our top seller:

FC1500-250-WG Optical Frequency Comb for metrology, based on a polarization maintaining (PM) erbium fiber oscillator with 250 MHz mode spacing.
With various add-on functionalities available the FC1500-250-WG is a real chameleon among the Optical Frequency Combs.



  • dimensional metrology
  • cold atom or ion physics
  • time and frequency distribution
  • high resolution spectroscopy
  • central reference system for multiple experiments

Spektroskopie 02

Ultimate precision:

FC1500-250-ULN Ultra Low Noise Optical Frequency Comb with ultimate performance in regard to phase noise and stability. When locked to Menlo Systems’ Optical Reference System ORS1500 or ORS-DL, the FC1500-250-ULN maintains <<1 Hz linewidth of every comb line and a stability better than 2 x 10-16 in 1 s and 3 x 10-18 in 1000 s throughout the entire visible and infrared spectrum, thus keeping pace with today’s best optical clocks.


  • optical clocks
  • cold atom or ion physics with 1 Hz linewidth
  • generation of ultra-stable microwaves
  • time and frequency distribution

MENLO FC1500 ULN system 3w

Most compact and autonomous:

The new SmartComb is an all-in-one Optical Frequency Comb system for fully automated operation. Packaged into a 19’’, 3 U housing our SmartComb is the first system that is truly transportable and easy to use in and outside the optical laboratory.


  • HeNe laser calibration
  • cold atom physics, e.g. Rb at 780 nm


MENLO SYSTEMS SmartComb small

Application driven:

High output power:

FC1000-250 Optical Frequency Comb for Metrology based on a ytterbium oscillator with 250 MHz mode spacing. With an average output power of >10 W the FC1000-250 is the right choice for applications where highest optical output power make a difference.


  • spectrometer calibration
  • calibration of lasers
  • high resolution spectroscopy

IMG 0824 small

Mid-infrared range:

The Mid-IR Comb is an offset-free Optical Frequency Comb based on PM erbium and ytterbium fiber technology for the mid-IR spectral region. It gives access to the wavelength range around 3 µm and 7 µm (wave numbers of 3000 cm-1 and 1000 cm-1).


  • FTIR spectroscopy in the mid-IR
  • fingerprint spectroscopy of molecules
  • detection of atmospheric gases

atmospheric gasses 2

Telescope calibration:

The AstroComb is an Optical Frequency Comb-based calibration system using a PM ytterbium fiber oscillator. For compatibility with the spectrograph resolution and sensitivity, a filter cavity increases the mode spacing up to 25 GHz, and spectral broadening and flattening stages generate the output in the user-defined, visible or NIR spectral range.


ib la silla05 credit

Spectral Coverage of Menlo Systems' Optical Frequency Combs:

comb wavlength range cut

When Sub-Hz Linewidth Is Needed

Menlo Systems’ Optical Reference System (ORS) is an ultra-stable CW laser system providing sub-Hz linewidth and <2 x 10-15 Hz stability. The laser is locked to a high-finesse cavity in high vacuum. The entire setup is temperature stabilized, with vibration and acoustic isolation, packaged into a compact 19” housing. Being an all-in-one complete system the ORS helps you saving valuable R&D time for highly demanding applications such as

  • ultra-high precision spectroscopy
  • interrogation of optical clocks
  • low noise microwave generation
  • frequency metrology


ORS1500linewidth red

The ORS1500 uses a polarization maintaining CW fiber laser at 1542 nm or 1064 nm wavelength for applications in the NIR spectral range.

The new ORS-DL series uses MOGLabs’ Cateye external cavity diode lasers, extending the available ORS operation to many wavelengths from 400 to 1650 nm.


Multiple Sub-Hz Linewidth Optical Output

ORS DL+ULN schematics cut

Recent Application Highlights

Observation of the 1S–2S transition in trapped antihydrogen;
M. Ahmadi et al., Nature Vol. 541, p. 506 (2017):

Members of the ALPHA collaboration at CERN test the symmetry of physical laws in matter and antimatter with extreme sensitivity by measuring the 1S – 2S transition in trapped antihydrogen using a diode laser which is stabilized onto Menlo Systems’ ORS1500 Optical Reference System. The precise measurement of the laser frequency is performed by Menlo Systems’ FC1500-250-WG Optical Frequency Comb.


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