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Menlo Systems' proprietary figure 9® design for mode locking is superior to other technologies:

Zero saturable absorber
Zero moving parts


100 % reproducible
100 % robust operation
100 % PM fiber


Our figure 9® femtosecond fiber lasers with lowest phase noise and timing jitter are best in class for applicatons in science and industry:

Comb cut square

Metrology and optical frequency combs

  • FC1500-250-WG Optical Frequency Comb
Timing cut

Synchronization and timing systems

  • TDS Timing Distribution and Synchronization System
THz cut

Terahertz generation and quality inspction

  • TeraSmart Compact Terahertz Spectrometer
waveguidewriting cut square

3D printing and microstructuring

  • BlueCut Microjoule Femtosecond Fiber Laser
LifeSciences cut

2-photon fluoresence excitation, optical control in life sciences and optogenetics

  • BlueCut Microjoule Femtosecond Fiber Laser


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